Life is good

Well, so much has happened since my last post. I started a new job just a few weeks after closing my store. I should have seen the warning signs....high turnover for example. I worked for almost 3 months and it was all I could bear. The stress was unbelievable and working conditions horrible. Gave 3 weeks notice and now I'm home for good I hope. I will start drawing retirement soon. Its really not enough though but I would rather sell beads on the corner than work any job that is stressful. Part time sounds good. Oh, and my weight loss? Well workouts are hit and miss. lol But I have been doing NutriSystem and I love it! Very healthy and I'm losing weight. Right now they have a 50% off deal too. BTW, if you are interested in joining would you please let me know? I can send you an invite that will also get me a discount on my next order and boy do I need that!  Right now....Life is very good!

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