12 Neat Things To Do With Old T-Shirts

My husband and I practically live in t-shirts. My husband has about 50 at any given time and I have probably half that. From time to time we have to clean them out and get rid of the old and tattered and donate practically new ones that we (for whatever reason) just don't wear.

Well, its time to do that and I decided I wanted to try to make something with them instead. I did a search and found some marvelous ideas that I thought you might enjoy too!

So here ave my favs....in no particular order.

Valentine's Layered Jello Squares

I thought a fun desert for Valentine's Day would be nice. This jello layered desert from HeatherLikesFood.com seemed to fit the ticket well. A refreshing and attractive dish, its really pretty easy to make but does take some time to allow each layer to set up before adding the next.

I was actually able to find fresh strawberries, maybe because of Valentine's Day, after all what says Valentine better than strawberries? Anyway it was delish!

Simple Homemade Soaps that Heal and Nourish

I am a true believer in the wonderful anti-aging effects of essential oils on the skin. I kept thinking I wanted to make a facial or body soap and incorporate one or more of the oils I love into the soap. What I found was that not only could I do that but there are also so many other things I can add to make my soap healthy and nourishing.

Old Timey Egg Custard

Dear Hubby came home yesterday with a recipe for old fashioned Egg Custard. He had actually torn it out of a magazine at work. Well, as it happens this is something I love too and so today I made it.

The recipe was indeed the "old timey" type. Just a few simple ingredients that were staples when I was growing up. Egg Custard is one of those deserts that just takes you back in time, the smell while its cooking and the taste are reminders of days gone by.

Essential Oils for Love! Aphrodisiac Properties of EO's

For centuries people have used flowers and distilled oils on the human libido. Jasmine, peppermint, lillies, and roses were used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs and Sumerians. Yes, all through history sweet smelling scents have been used to attract love. 

The word aphrodisiac is based on mythology from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. An aphrodisiac is a substance used to increase sexual desire or enjoyment. You can use oils in many ways to achieve this...in perfumes, room scenting, bathing, on sheets and pillows in the bedroom, and of course in massage oils

Baked Apple Chips

These are one of my favorite healthy snacks. Baked Apple Chips are so easy to make and of course they are healthy too! Even the cinnamon is good for you!

Share The Love Essential Oil Giveaway!

Lets do another giveaway!

Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, I think a giveaway that allows you to share with a loved one is perfect!

So here is the "Share The Love" Giveaway.