Thoughts on losing weight

So just how do I go about this?

Diet: Over the years I have been on a few diets. Best results were with Nutrisystem.  I seem to do better with structure and no guess work. I'm sure I won't measure or write down calories eaten. But its a bit too expensive for me right now. I considered Weight Watchers. But there are no evening meetings near me and I doubt their online program would work for me. So....I need a plan. I considered that if I just eat what Nutrisystem says I need to add to their prepared foods ( like fruits, veggies, dairy, water) that I would probably lose weight. I can take a salad to work with grilled chicken or a boiled egg added for protein. I have very small containers I can put FF dressings in or pick up some packets maybe? Wonder where I get those. Anyway also take some fruit and water to work. That sounds doable.

Exercise: I like my The Biggest Loser for Wii. I tried Wii Fit and found it too slow, couldn't get a really good workout with it. I also like Wii Rumba for something different and fun.
Supplements and weight loss products: Don't care for them. There are so many advertised and seems if you read the fine print they all tell you that part of their "plan" is to exercise and limit calories. Well, what the heck? Plus, I'm not sure what they are really doing to my body. My goal is to improve my life, not just to lose weight. That means health first.

Day one and introduction

Hi! I am seeking to improve my life in several ways and hope you choose to follow along. I recently closed my business due to financial reasons. It had become very stressful and much in my personal life had slipped through the cracks as my only focus was on my business. I start a new job this week with training beginning in a couple of days.

Here are my goals:

Declutter: I hate clutter. It seems to wear me down and discourage before I even begin. I have already begun purging and organizing. One carload already donated and a truckload tossed. I have another carload ready to donate today. I have found many organizing ideas that I like on

Be healthier: I have put on some extra pounds and I want if off. I'm not obese but I am definitely overweight. Working in exercise with a new job will be a struggle for me. Another hurdle is that my dear husband is a very picky eater. He likes very few vegetables and wont eat casseroles at all.  He is very supportive but I hate cooking something I know he wont like.

Get out more: My life had become basically work and home. I am eating out with old girlfriends now but want to do more. I need some sort of social life!

Read: Have already made a lot of progress on this one with the help of a Kindle.