Healing Salve For Dogs

My senior beagle, Barclay, has some issues, mainly skin issues caused by food allergies. He has been on all sorts of meds (some very expensive) and now is on a restrictive diet that only includes a few things we know he is not allergic to.

While the change in diet has drastically helped, he still has the occasional flair up of everything from bacterial ear infections to fungal infections in the deep folds around his mouth. He also has problems with thin dry skin that cracks on his elbows.

Healthy Dog Treats Made From Leftovers

Making your own dog treats is very simple. You really don't even need a recipe, just make sure you use ingredients that are safe and healthy. Today I used some chicken left over from some fried chicken we had for dinner. I also added a few leftover string beans.

Melt in Your Mouth Parmesan Chicken Breast

Looking for an easy dinner recipe that is still sure to please? You can have this main dish ready for the oven in no time and let it cook while you unwind....did I really just hear you laugh? Okay, let it cook while you get something else done. lol

Almond Pinecone Cheeseball

Want something simple that is also simply delicious for your upcoming holiday meal? I originally posted this recipe on November 2, 2012, but it's been a big hit in our family for many years before that and has become a holiday staple. The filling can be made the day before and refrigerated overnight, another reason I love it!

Hope you enjoy this oldie but goody!

Homemade Glycerine Soap Gift Idea

Want a great DIY gift idea that is sure to be appreciated and used? These simple melt and pour soaps are so easy to make. I have given away lots of these, in different variations, and so far everyone LOVES them! I crocheted a few simple facecloths recently and thought I would pair them with some of these soaps. I chose a holiday themed mold for the soap and tied the folded facecloth and soap together with some red raffia I already had. Voila! A great gift idea.

Panera Bread’s Autumn Squash Soup (Knock off)

I was out shopping a few days ago with my BFF, we enjoy shopping together and usually stop somewhere for lunch. On this day we went to Panera Bread for soup. I was thinking about their wonderful Broccoli Cheddar Soup when I went in but then I saw the Autumn Squash Soup and it looked so delicious I had to try it. I was amazed at how good this stuff was, I literally wiped out the bowl with my bread. So, of course, the first thing I did when I got home was look for a knock off recipe and I found this one at cantstayoutofthekitchen.com

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

I haven't announced it on the blog (until now) but I am having hip replacement surgery soon. Anyhow, in the meantime I'm a bit grounded. Walking or being on my feet for a long time is unpleasant to say the least so I have been filling my time with chores I can do sitting down. I can cook however, as long as its sometime simple....like this great tasting quick bread. Its good comfort food too. lol

I mean really, who doesn't love fresh baked banana bread? Want to know how to make it even better? Add chocolate. Yep, chocolate, oh and sour cream. Yum!

Stitch Fix #8 September Review

There it is! That first peek into my latest "Fix". So exciting.

I'm talking about my latest fix from Stitch Fix, of course. I love the whole Stitch Fix experience. The box waiting on my door step, that first peek at the contents, and then the ease of trying everything on in the privacy of my own home. I have actually tried on several items that I would have never picked off the rack for myself and some turned out to be my favorite pieces.

Stitch Fix #7 Complete Review

I thought for sure the excitement of seeing that Stitch Fix box on my door step would have faded by now, but it hasn't! I still love seeing that box and can't wait to get that first peak of what's been chosen for me to try.

Not familiar with Stitch Fix? It's very simple. You fill out an on-line profile explaining your likes and dislikes, pay a $20.00 styling fee, and let your personal stylist do the rest. You choose how often you get shipments and you don't pay anything until you decide what to keep. You can choose to receive accessories too if you like. They have jewelry, bags, and scarves. You have three days to try everything on in your own home with your own accessories. Returning what you don't keep is easy, just put the items you are returning in the return bag that is provided with your order and drop in the mail. You pay no postage to receive or to return! And, the $20.00 stylist fee will be credited toward whatever you keep in that shipment. Plus, you get a $25.00 credit every time a friend decides to give Stitch Fix a try (must use your link). How sweet is that? Want to give it a try? Just click here to get started.

Stitch Fix #6 With Review

I get so excited when I see my "Fix" has arrived. I can hardly wait to get that first peek and then to try everything on. This is my 6th shipment from Stitch Fix and I am still hooked. Not that every fix is a home run, I don't expect all of them to be a 5/5 (5 out of 5 items kept). But I have received some great things and I want to keep them coming!

Nutty Bran Flakes

Okay, so I may have just lost my mind...I actually made my own bran flakes. You may be asking yourself why would I ever want to make my own bran flake cereal when I can just buy it at the store, duh!  Well, for one thing I like knowing what all the ingredients are, another reason is cost, and finally taste!

Easy Dreamy Creamsicle Pie

The weather is hot and humid here this week. A cool, refreshing summer dessert is definitely in order. And what fits that description better than a Creamsicle Pie? Creamsicles, that classic popsicle that brings back childhood memories of hot summer days and playing outside till parents made us come in. Ahhhh...

DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls

I love my homemade fabric softener but wouldn't it be better not to have to use softener at all? Wool Dryer Balls eliminate the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets. To be honest the only reason I use a fabric softener is to help remove pet hair from our clothing, so that will be the big test for me. Wool dryer balls also cut drying time by as much as half!! Wow, now that's a big savings on the electric bill. And, they last for years.

Stitch Fix #5 With Review

This is my 5th fix with Stitch Fix and I still get so excited when I see that box on my doorstep. That famous box is part of the Fix experience. That's why you see so many users posting a picture of their box...it's exciting. Ahhh, the anticipation, the hope of a good fix, maybe even getting that one perfect piece that will be your all time favorite. ♥  The picture above is the next step of the experience. That first peak, that glimpse of color and pattern. You want to hurry and get the kids off for a nap or whatever you have to do so you can start trying things on.

Pecan Pie Bark

Want something different, sweet, and easy to make? Well this just may be the thing for you. This recipe only has 3 ingredients and just takes a few minutes to make. This is some seriously good stuff! And it makes a great gift around the holidays for family, friends, or coworkers. We love Honey Grahams around here anyway, then add that buttery caramel sauce and pecans....yummy, just yummy.

10 Things I've Learned About Stitch Fix

I have learned quite a bit about how to get the best possible fix from Stitch Fix. One thing I know for sure is that I am addicted to it! I can't wait to see those boxes come and begin to explore what items have been chosen for me. Some have been right on, 5 out of 5, but others have been less thrilling. Here are my tips for getting the best fix every time. I have done some research and read what others have recommended for getting the best items for them and have come with a few of my own. So here are my best 10 ways to help assure your next fix is a winner.

Homemade Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener

Have you ever made your own laundry products? Well, if you're like me it may sound just a wee bit silly to you at first. Why would I make my own when I can just buy it?

Keeping Soil in Tilted Pots

There are so many great yard projects using clay pots. They can be stacked and / or painted to make a lot of really cute things. Many of the projects, like my Bird Bath Planter, use tilted pots. Very cute and I've been enjoying it for three years now. But I found I did have one problem, it is difficult to keep the dirt from washing out of the pot when watering!

Backyard Birds

Would you please indulge me just a bit? I took some pictures of some of the birds in my backyard today, and well, I just really wanted to post them.

Stitch Fix #4 Review with Pictures

Getting my Stitch Fix box is so exciting. I love seeing what someone else has hand picked for me. I have to say however that this was my first fix that left me a bit disappointed. I am considering keeping at least one item, would you please help me decide???  ♥♥

DIY Moisturizing Leave In Hair Conditioning Spray

Ahhh, it's that time of year, magical spring and soon summer. The weather is getting warmer and we have started hauling out the shorts and bathing suits. I am so looking forward to hot summer days on the beach with my BFF. ♥

The Easy Way To Clean Stove Burner Grates (Or Drip Pans)

Sometimes I hate showing you my before pictures. I would like to say that the picture below is the result of cooking a great Easter Dinner (BTW, it was good. lol) but alas, its just the result of a lot of cooking and a great ability to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning.

Although this post is about cleaning stove burner grates on gas stoves I've read it works great on the drip pans under electric burners as well!

Easy Way to Really Clean That Greasy Stove Hood Filter

Believe me when I say that this is the easiest method I have found for cleaning those disgusting vent filters over your stove.

DIY Wild Bird Nesting Balls,

I saw these cute nesting balls over at birdsandblooms.com  and decided they would be perfect for my yard. My Mom used to put scraps of sewing fabric on the bushes outside and later we would see them woven into the bird nests. Even now at 88 years old, she still enjoys feeding the birds and putting out fabric scraps and string for them. I decided these would also make a perfect Easter gift for her.

Stitch Fix #3 Review

Okay, I admit it, I'm a little addicted to Stitch Fix. When its almost time for shipping I'm checking the site over and over again to see if it has shipped yet. I get so excited when its on its way.

Peanut Butter & Molasses Dog Cookies (Gluten-Free)

I have two senior dogs one of which has issues with allergies and the other has lost most of her teeth. So I need treats that are gluten-free and that are not too hard to chew. So I was excited to see this recipe from doggydesertchef.com as it meets both requirements.

Classic Hummingbird Cake

If you have never tried Hummingbird Cake, you are in for a treat! First let me assure you that despite its name there are no birds of any kind in this cake! But its said that it was named for one. The cake supposedly was first created in Jamaica maybe in the late '60's and apparently was first named "Doctor Bird Cake" after a variety of Jamaican hummingbird called the red-Billed Streamertail. The way the bird probed flowers with it's long beak reminded people of a doctor inspecting a patient. It is believed that this cake was sweet enough to attract hummingbirds and the sttreaks of banana was also resembled the bird's plumage. And so "The Doctor Bird Cake" began.

Overnite Oats with Chia

You may already be familiar with my Overnite Oats in a Jar recipe (if not see it here). I love this very simple and healthy way to prepare an easy ready to go breakfast.

But now I've stepped it up a notch...by adding Chia Seeds. Chia Seeds have been growing in popularity over the last few years due to their high protein, omega-3 fatty acid, and fiber content. Not only are they loaded with antioxidants, but the added value of their vitamin and mineral content have caused them to be labeled a superfood. Chia Seeds have been called the healthiest food on the planet because they are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain.

Stitch Fix #2 Review

I was a bit apprehensive about getting my second Stitch Fix. I had loved everything in my first shipment so I was thinking my second box would surely contain items I would just hate. But I was wrong...

Stitch Fix #1 Review

Have you gotten your fix? Your Stitch Fix that is....

Stitch Fix is a service that shops for you. I was skeptical, but after receiving just one shipment, I am very impressed. The first step was to go to their site and fill out some information. They wanted to know the basics like my sizes, but also asked questions about my style preferences. They even had pictures of several groups of clothing and asked what I thought of each group so my personal stylist could determine my likes and dislikes. Yes, I did say personal stylist, she picks out clothes for me. Wootwoot!

Snow & Ice 2015

We rarely get snow here, maybe once a year or so, so its a major event when we do. Even a sprinkling will result in school closings and delayed workplace schedules. People are even advised to stay off the roads if possible. We really don't get freezing temperatures often so seeing things like icicles and snow covered yards is a short treat for us.

How I Stop Canine Seizures with Essential Oils

My little Italian Greyhound, Sadie, is epileptic. Fortunately her seizures have never been severe enough for her to need medication. Still, it's heartbreaking to watch her go though one.

I read on Camp Wander that Caesar Millan uses essential oils for canine care (not cats!) and that one of her friends had used Frankincense and Lemongrass to control canine seizures. I had both of these essential oils so I put them both where I could quickly get to them and waited.

Fog on the Water

Hi everyone, today I'm taking it really easy and just posting some pictures I took today. After what the weather people called a "polar blast", aka unreal cold spell, we are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying temps in the upper 60's.

Stitch Fix #1, My Personal Review

I kept seeing this thing called Stitch Fix on social media pages like Facebook. I just passed it over thinking it was just one more ad or endorsement I didn't need to see. But finally I decided to take a closer look and I liked what I saw.

So Easy Lemon Meringue Pie with Ritz Cracker Crust

"Pie, Pie, Me oh my, I love pie", or so sang John Travolta in the movie "Michael". Most everyone does seem to love pie and everyone seems to have their own favorite. My husband loves apple, my fav is pumpkin. No matter what your favorite is, pie is always a hit.

How To Make Fabric Strips From Sheets (In One Continuous Strip)

Ever thought about making rag rugs? Well, to be honest I hadn't, until I actually saw some! I thought they were very pretty and quite practical! Did I mention how easy these are to wash and dry? They are made from old sheets after all, that have already been washed a million times so you don't have to worry about shrinking or fading.  Anyway, after changing from a queen size bed to a king size, I had a couple of sets of sheets that I no longer needed...tada! Little light comes on...rag rugs!

Basic Homemade Granola Bar Recipe (With Variations)

Do you love granola bars but hate buying prepacked ones because your not sure how healthy they really are? Do you also hate how much those things cost? Have you been thinking about making your own but haven't found the time or just the right recipe? Or would you just like to be able to make a healthy snack for your kids that won't take up your whole day? If you answered yes to any of these then this post is for you.