Make Your Own Effective Solid Deodorant (Baking Soda Free)

Are you ready to try another DIY deodorant?  If your not making your own yet you may want to reconsider. There have been so many links shown between most commercial deodorants that contain aluminum and other harmful chemicals, and breast cancer and Alzheimer's. And yes, you can buy "natural" deodorants that may or may not work and cost a lot! Or you can just make your own.... I have begun preparing and reviewing some basic formulas. You may be interested in this Basic DIY Formula.

Rosemary Remembrance Balm`

The big yellow school buses are back on the roads, and students are back at their desks. Its time to put thinking caps back on and buckle down with the books! Want to give your kids (or yourself) a little memory boost? Using this formula is a great way to stimulate the brain and help with recall and retention. Personally, I feel like I need this everyday! Which brings me to another reason to make it...rejuvenating brain activity! I'm getting up there a little bit in age and doing all I can to keep my memory strong so I'm going to be using this for sure.

DIY Rose Water & Bentonite Clay Mask

We all deserve a little spa treatment once in a while. But most of us find that with time and money restraints, a trip to the spa is just out of the question. So why not treat yourself to this simple, but highly effective, facial at home?

How to Organize Your Photos

We all seem to have them, all those old photos we have in boxes, in drawers, or in odd envelopes stuck all around the house. We may have old family photos, school pictures, sentimental notes we just don't want to throw out. Today's post is about organizing those and putting them in a place where they can actually be viewed and enjoyed.

Removing Photos Stuck To Glass

I have some old pictures that were once framed and now are stuck to the glass. The frames had long since been removed and now I couldn't put them in photo albums or even in different frames without getting them unstuck. I did some research and found three ways most often recommended and decided to give them a try. Here are my results.

Basic DIY Deodorant with Personal Review

Like many others I have started to rethink using most commercial deodorants. Here's the dilemma, I can have an offensive odor and sweat like crazy or take a chance with aluminum and other dangerous additives that have been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's. Or I can find a safer deodorant that works.

Peanut Butter Granola Bars

I was looking for a healthy snack just to have around the house or maybe to take to work. I came across some of those snack type bars in the grocery store and they were on sale so I indulged. Wrong move....

Homemade Cracker Jack Snack

I had this left over popcorn, and well I hate wasting anything so I starting thinking about what I could do with it. I thought about feeding it to the wild birds but decided against it as I wasn't sure how good it would be for them. I decided instead to look for a recipe for homemade "Cracker Jacks". I mean really, who doesn't love caramel popcorn and peanuts?

Pepper Steak

Ever wondered what to do with round steak? It's often on sale but is a tough cut of meat. Unless first run through a tenderizer, to make what's known as Cube Steak, it has to be simmered for a long time to make it tender.

St Patrick's Day Giveaway

Its been a long cold messy winter but today is sunny and in the 70's! It looks as if spring may arrive after all, and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?

DIY Glycerin Soap with Banana, Oatmeal, Honey, & Frankincense

After making my first batch of glycerin soap I was simply in love! My skin felt so soft and silky after using it and I actually knew what was in it! I had given a few bars away and the receivers were already asking for more.  ♥

12 Neat Things To Do With Old T-Shirts

My husband and I practically live in t-shirts. My husband has about 50 at any given time and I have probably half that. From time to time we have to clean them out and get rid of the old and tattered and donate practically new ones that we (for whatever reason) just don't wear.

Well, its time to do that and I decided I wanted to try to make something with them instead. I did a search and found some marvelous ideas that I thought you might enjoy too!

So here ave my no particular order.

Valentine's Layered Jello Squares

I thought a fun desert for Valentine's Day would be nice. This jello layered desert from seemed to fit the ticket well. A refreshing and attractive dish, its really pretty easy to make but does take some time to allow each layer to set up before adding the next.

I was actually able to find fresh strawberries, maybe because of Valentine's Day, after all what says Valentine better than strawberries? Anyway it was delish!

Simple Homemade Soaps that Heal and Nourish

I am a true believer in the wonderful anti-aging effects of essential oils on the skin. I kept thinking I wanted to make a facial or body soap and incorporate one or more of the oils I love into the soap. What I found was that not only could I do that but there are also so many other things I can add to make my soap healthy and nourishing.