10 Things I've Learned About Stitch Fix

I have learned quite a bit about how to get the best possible fix from Stitch Fix. One thing I know for sure is that I am addicted to it! I can't wait to see those boxes come and begin to explore what items have been chosen for me. Some have been right on, 5 out of 5, but others have been less thrilling. Here are my tips for getting the best fix every time. I have done some research and read what others have recommended for getting the best items for them and have come with a few of my own. So here are my best 10 ways to help assure your next fix is a winner.

Homemade Rosemary Mint Fabric Softener

Have you ever made your own laundry products? Well, if you're like me it may sound just a wee bit silly to you at first. Why would I make my own when I can just buy it?

Keeping Soil in Tilted Pots

There are so many great yard projects using clay pots. They can be stacked and / or painted to make a lot of really cute things. Many of the projects, like my Bird Bath Planter, use tilted pots. Very cute and I've been enjoying it for three years now. But I found I did have one problem, it is difficult to keep the dirt from washing out of the pot when watering!

Backyard Birds

Would you please indulge me just a bit? I took some pictures of some of the birds in my backyard today, and well, I just really wanted to post them.

Stitch Fix #4 Review with Pictures

Getting my Stitch Fix box is so exciting. I love seeing what someone else has hand picked for me. I have to say however that this was my first fix that left me a bit disappointed. I am considering keeping at least one item, would you please help me decide???  ♥♥

DIY Moisturizing Leave In Hair Conditioning Spray

Ahhh, it's that time of year, magical spring and soon summer. The weather is getting warmer and we have started hauling out the shorts and bathing suits. I am so looking forward to hot summer days on the beach with my BFF. ♥

The Easy Way To Clean Stove Burner Grates (Or Drip Pans)

Sometimes I hate showing you my before pictures. I would like to say that the picture below is the result of cooking a great Easter Dinner (BTW, it was good. lol) but alas, its just the result of a lot of cooking and a great ability to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning.

Although this post is about cleaning stove burner grates on gas stoves I've read it works great on the drip pans under electric burners as well!

Easy Way to Really Clean That Greasy Stove Hood Filter

Believe me when I say that this is the easiest method I have found for cleaning those disgusting vent filters over your stove.

DIY Wild Bird Nesting Balls,

I saw these cute nesting balls over at birdsandblooms.com  and decided they would be perfect for my yard. My Mom used to put scraps of sewing fabric on the bushes outside and later we would see them woven into the bird nests. Even now at 88 years old, she still enjoys feeding the birds and putting out fabric scraps and string for them. I decided these would also make a perfect Easter gift for her.

Stitch Fix #3 Review

Okay, I admit it, I'm a little addicted to Stitch Fix. When its almost time for shipping I'm checking the site over and over again to see if it has shipped yet. I get so excited when its on its way.