Stitch Fix #6 With Review

I get so excited when I see my "Fix" has arrived. I can hardly wait to get that first peek and then to try everything on. This is my 6th shipment from Stitch Fix and I am still hooked. Not that every fix is a home run, I don't expect all of them to be a 5/5 (5 out of 5 items kept). But I have received some great things and I want to keep them coming!

Nutty Bran Flakes

Okay, so I may have just lost my mind...I actually made my own bran flakes. You may be asking yourself why would I ever want to make my own bran flake cereal when I can just buy it at the store, duh!  Well, for one thing I like knowing what all the ingredients are, another reason is cost, and finally taste!

Easy Dreamy Creamsicle Pie

The weather is hot and humid here this week. A cool, refreshing summer dessert is definitely in order. And what fits that description better than a Creamsicle Pie? Creamsicles, that classic popsicle that brings back childhood memories of hot summer days and playing outside till parents made us come in. Ahhhh...

DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls

I love my homemade fabric softener but wouldn't it be better not to have to use softener at all? Wool Dryer Balls eliminate the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets. To be honest the only reason I use a fabric softener is to help remove pet hair from our clothing, so that will be the big test for me. Wool dryer balls also cut drying time by as much as half!! Wow, now that's a big savings on the electric bill. And, they last for years.

Stitch Fix #5 With Review

This is my 5th fix with Stitch Fix and I still get so excited when I see that box on my doorstep. That famous box is part of the Fix experience. That's why you see so many users posting a picture of their's exciting. Ahhh, the anticipation, the hope of a good fix, maybe even getting that one perfect piece that will be your all time favorite. ♥  The picture above is the next step of the experience. That first peak, that glimpse of color and pattern. You want to hurry and get the kids off for a nap or whatever you have to do so you can start trying things on.