Limited Ingredient Pumpkin Oatmeal Soft Dog Treat (wheat free and doubles as pill-pocket)

I've been making dog treats for some time now. Truthfully, the commercial ones just scare me. Too many recalls, too many sick dogs, too many questionable ingredients. I have posted several of my favs on this blog in the past but this recipe has become my "go to" treat.

Cheesecake Pecan Pie

My Mom has a bit of a sweet tooth, but at 89 years old, she just doesn't cook often. So every now and then she gives me a desert recipe and asks me to make it. This time she gave me a page from the March/April issue of NC Grange News magazine showing this divine looking pie made by Leigh Payne. It looked simple enough and I had almost everything needed so I told her sure, I'd make it. I'm so glad I did because this is so stinkin good! Luscious cheesecake covered with a brown sugar - pecan topping. Yummy

Dress Up A Fence With DIY Tin Can Planters

I have this chain link fence...need I say more? Most of us know that chain link fences are not usually very attractive. Anyway, there is a short run of chain link fence that runs across part of our back yard. We have thought about replacing it but so far that hasn't happened. So I was looking for some way to sort of dress it up. Just make it look a bit better. I think this would be a great idea for other fence types too, just attach by screwing directly into a wood fence.

Sweet & Salty Cracker Candy (AKA Crack Candy)

I love the taste of sweet and salty, so I figured I would love this recipe. Don't be put off by using saltine crackers, it turns of really good, but I wouldn't try it with any other type of cracker. I've been seeing variations of this all over the internet so I'm not sure who to give credit to. They were all pretty much the same except I did see one that omitted the nuts. Some used milk chocolate and some used semi-sweet, some used pecans and some used walnuts. I did see a couple that used white sugar instead of brown but the comments weren't as good and brown sugar sounded better to me anyway.

How To Build A Bird House With Used Wine Corks

The weather is finally starting to warm a little and my thoughts are turning to yard and garden.  I first saw this darling bird house, made from used wine corks, by virberello on Youtube about a year ago and finally decided to make one.

DIY Orange Peel & Vinegar Cleaner

If you follow my blog you know how much I dislike chemicals in my household cleaners (and other things). Not to say that I don't ever use any of these but I love finding an alternative that works.

One cleaning problem I have is grease. We love to cook bacon and eggs on weekend mornings and occasionally we fry other foods. The grease accumulates on my white cabinets which then, of course, attract dirt. I have had to use heavy duty degreasers to clean them in the past and decided I needed something better.

Homemade Oatmeal Tuna Dog Treat Recipe

There are so few good dog treats out there. Even the ones that use words like "wholesome" and "natural" on the package and use pictures of real meats and fresh veggies, designed to trick us into thinking their treats are really good for our dogs. But read the ingredients and look at where the treats are made. After all, there have been so many recalls, why take a chance?

Healthy Easy Quinoa Breakfast / Snack Bars

Eating a healthy breakfast can be so hard. The secret for me is having something ready ahead of time. I need something I can just grab and eat. These breakfast / snack bars are sooo good and easy to make. The ingredient list is a bit long for me but they are simple to make, just one bowl and one pan. I adapted this recipe from this one at

Suet Is For The Birds (And How To Make It For Them)

After an unusually warm start to winter (temps have been around 80º!) we are now having what we consider really cold weather (anything below 40º). For me that means I don't go outside unless I have to. But I will go outside to check the bird feeders. I enjoy watching and photographing the little feathered beauties and I know that in the winter they can really suffer.  Wild birds can use all their energy stores just to survive in very cold weather. During this time of year they need and want fat!

Roll-On Mood Enhancer

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over. Most of us have packed up the decorations, kids are back in school, and things are beginning to get back to normal. During this time of year we may find ourselves with moods that swing all over the place. It's not unusual to find ourselves unable to get going when we need to or to relax when we need to.

These two simple but effective natural formulas may help you regain a bit of sanity. The first blend is for those days when the coffee just isn't doing it or you find yourself in a mental fog. The essential oils used in this formula will uplift your spirits and help you get moving again.

The second mixture should help you relax and let go of tension. It even helps with falling asleep and staying asleep when your mind is in a whirlwind of thoughts.