Sweet & Salty Cracker Candy (AKA Crack Candy)

I love the taste of sweet and salty, so I figured I would love this recipe. Don't be put off by using saltine crackers, it turns of really good, but I wouldn't try it with any other type of cracker. I've been seeing variations of this all over the internet so I'm not sure who to give credit to. They were all pretty much the same except I did see one that omitted the nuts. Some used milk chocolate and some used semi-sweet, some used pecans and some used walnuts. I did see a couple that used white sugar instead of brown but the comments weren't as good and brown sugar sounded better to me anyway.

How To Build A Bird House With Used Wine Corks

The weather is finally starting to warm a little and my thoughts are turning to yard and garden.  I first saw this darling bird house, made from used wine corks, by virberello on Youtube about a year ago and finally decided to make one.

DIY Orange Peel & Vinegar Cleaner

If you follow my blog you know how much I dislike chemicals in my household cleaners (and other things). Not to say that I don't ever use any of these but I love finding an alternative that works.

One cleaning problem I have is grease. We love to cook bacon and eggs on weekend mornings and occasionally we fry other foods. The grease accumulates on my white cabinets which then, of course, attract dirt. I have had to use heavy duty degreasers to clean them in the past and decided I needed something better.