Healing Salve For Dogs

My senior beagle, Barclay, has some issues, mainly skin issues caused by food allergies. He has been on all sorts of meds (some very expensive) and now is on a restrictive diet that only includes a few things we know he is not allergic to.

While the change in diet has drastically helped, he still has the occasional flair up of everything from bacterial ear infections to fungal infections in the deep folds around his mouth. He also has problems with thin dry skin that cracks on his elbows.

Healthy Dog Treats Made From Leftovers

Making your own dog treats is very simple. You really don't even need a recipe, just make sure you use ingredients that are safe and healthy. Today I used some chicken left over from some fried chicken we had for dinner. I also added a few leftover string beans.

Melt in Your Mouth Parmesan Chicken Breast

Looking for an easy dinner recipe that is still sure to please? You can have this main dish ready for the oven in no time and let it cook while you unwind....did I really just hear you laugh? Okay, let it cook while you get something else done. lol

Almond Pinecone Cheeseball

Want something simple that is also simply delicious for your upcoming holiday meal? I originally posted this recipe on November 2, 2012, but it's been a big hit in our family for many years before that and has become a holiday staple. The filling can be made the day before and refrigerated overnight, another reason I love it!

Hope you enjoy this oldie but goody!

Homemade Glycerine Soap Gift Idea

Want a great DIY gift idea that is sure to be appreciated and used? These simple melt and pour soaps are so easy to make. I have given away lots of these, in different variations, and so far everyone LOVES them! I crocheted a few simple facecloths recently and thought I would pair them with some of these soaps. I chose a holiday themed mold for the soap and tied the folded facecloth and soap together with some red raffia I already had. Voila! A great gift idea.