Lemon, Sage, and Cedar Deodorant Spray

I am simply falling in love with my homemade deodorants and I love sharing them with others. I have given away a lot of samples to people and so far I am getting great reviews.  Many have asked if they could buy them from me, maybe I'll have to think about making some to sell, or maybe not. lol

I was doing some weeding a couple of days ago and it was hot! When I was done I was dirty and sweaty but guess what? There was absolutely no underarm odor...none! That day I had used my basic formula and have found that one to be my favorite non-spray so far.

Fresh Apple Cinnamon Bread

My husband likes it when I bake, and I hadn't baked in awhile. I saw this recipe in a Facebook post by Racing and Saving Mama and I decided to give it a try. I had everything I needed and actually had some really small apples that I wanted to use up. The result was very very good. I loved the little chunks of apple and the crunchiness of the the topping. I was barely able to get photos of the finished product because he was trying to eat it!

Stay Fresh Natural Deodorant with Personal Review

I am so happy that so many of you are enjoying my DIY deodorants. For one thing it proves to me that people are taking a serious look at the ingredients in most commercial deodorants. Almost all commercial deodorant / antiperspirants contain ingredients that have possible links to breast cancer and Alzheimer's. There are a few out there that are aluminium free (one of the harmful ingredients) but they tend to be very expensive and many don't work very well. So we have a choice here...smell bad or make something ourselves that works.  This recipe is easy to make and, like the other formulas I have posted, they actually work! (See my reviews on each)

Perfect Easy Bacon

We love bacon around here. But to be honest, I hate cooking it. It's the mess it makes...I always end up with bacon grease splattered all over everything! It's all over the stove top, the hood, and me. My husband loves a good hearty breakfast on the weekends of bacon and eggs but sometimes I don't cook it just because of the mess.