Better Than Pill Pockets

You may have already read on here somewhere that I have three dogs. Two of them have Cushing's Disease and have to take meds everyday to keep it in check.

I have tried using Pill Pockets but they didn't really work very well for me. This idea is less expensive and works way better!

Fully cooked frozen meatballs!! (Thawed of course)

I get whatever brand is on sale or the least expensive at the time. Each morning I put two meatballs in the microwave for 12 seconds on high. Be careful because the inside can get very hot and you don't want to burn the inide of your dogs mouth.

I cut each one in half and shove the pill or capsule inside. My dogs think they are getting their daily treat!
I use 1/2 meatball for each capsule. Besides the very expensive Vetoryl for the Cushing's disease I also have one dog on another capsule right now so I am giving 3 capsules a day using 1 1/2 meatballs. I use the remaining half for the dog who doesn't get any meds so she will get a treat as well.


  1. Oh what a great idea, I usually put it in sandwich meat and then make sure my dog doesn't spit it out! Lol

  2. Genius!! My dog also has Cushing's. How have your dogs done on Vetoryl? Mine has only been taking it for a couple of months. Wondering if his body will ever get back to normal.

    1. This is my second dog with Cushing's. The first one did better with the meds than this one has. The Vetoryl works well but he also has to take Atopica for skin issues. Both, as you know, are very expensive medications. Hope your dog does well and thanks for commenting!

  3. THANK YOU! My 14 year old yellow lab has a genius ability to eat the entire treat without taking the pills! She won't touch peanut butter either & most pill pocket recipes use it. This frozen meatball idea of yours is brilliant. I am off to Costco!