Overnite Oats in a Jar

I have been aware lately that I don't eat a very healthy diet. When I was working I would usually skip breakfast and sometimes lunch and then eat everything in sight when I got home. Not a good thing.

Now that I'm home most every day I have been trying to eat a healthy breakfast. I don't really care for cold cereal in the mornings although I love it for an evening snack. I love hot oatmeal in the winter but not in the summer. And I'm not gonna heat up a skillet just to cook for me. I saw this recipe on Camp Wander and it looked like just what I needed. Easy to make, I can make it ahead of time, I could make several and store in the refrigerator, and I love oatmeal.

So here I am making it for the very first time.

Assemble the ingredients. I have to stop here and tell you about my honey. I have a friend whose hobby is beekeeping! She recently gave me this wonderful jar of her "liquid gold".  And the berries were from my freezer picked just this summer. Yummmm.

I made just a couple of small changes to Camp Wander's recipe ....

Single serving:

1/2  cup rolled oats
1/2  cup Honey Greek Yogurt
2/3  cup milk, or coconut milk or almond milk etc.
1 teaspoon honey
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg or cinnamon
teeny pinch of salt
1/4  cup blueberries
1/4  cup strawberries or raspberries

Fill a pint jar and refrigerate overnight.  That's it!   

Ready to eat...I was actually suprised at how good it tastes.  I had to stop eating so I could take the pictures! This is gonna be a regular at my house.


  1. do you eat this warm or cold?

    1. Ate it cold...seems a bit odd I now, but its really good! One of my favorite breakfasts.