I wanted to share one of my old things with you. This is a Toast-O-Later bread toaster that belonged to my Grandmother. It was impossible to get a photo without all kinds of reflections that I did NOT want you to see! lol

I think this thing is so neat! You put the bread in one end and a little conveyor belt with teeth carries it through the toaster and then it falls out the other side.

The adjustment for lighter or darker toast simply adjusts the speed of the conveyor to make the bread move slower or faster through the toaster thus making it lighter or darker.

The little window in the front lets you see the toast as it goes through.

Would you believe this toaster still works?

Here is the plate on the bottom that says it is a Model J and Serial 8 48.

Bread goes in this side
 And comes out this side!


I even have the little instruction sheet that came with it! And, as you can see, it was purchased September 15, 1948. And check out that price! $21.95 was a lot to pay back then for a toaster. Course, if you lived "West of the Rockies" you had to pay more. lol

Hope you enjoyed a bit of history with me. ♥


  1. My husband has been talking about this toaster for years. Enjoy! I'm still searching for one. BTW don't you think $22.00 was a pretty hefty price in the 40's?