Backyard Birds

Would you please indulge me just a bit? I took some pictures of some of the birds in my backyard today, and well, I just really wanted to post them.

I love my back yard birds but admit I haven't been able to identify all of them. But here are the pictures anyway. I hope you enjoy them. ♥

One of my favorites is not the most colorful but it has the sweetest songs. It's the Brown Thrasher.

Another favorite is the Mourning Dove

And who doesn't love the colorful Male Cardinal? Sorry most of these are not very clear.

These bird's are plentiful in my area, and while they are not everyone's favorite, I do find them fascinating to watch. This is a large male Boat-Tailed Grackle.

And finally....the ones that I can't identify. These aren't all of them by any means, but just ones that showed up this evening.

Wish I had been able to get a better picture of this one. It has a little red under it's chest.
Okay, that was fun. Thanks for looking!

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