DIY Bird Feeder from Plastic Container

We purchased some Stauffer's Animal Crackers from Walmart that came in this plastic container. It looks like a cute bear and I just couldn't bring myself to put it in the recycle bin. Surely I could make this into something useful.

Then it came to me, make it into a bird feeder!

My supply list:

  • Empty bear shaped Stauffer's Animal Crackers container
  • Acetone or something to remove label residue
  • Fine grit sand paper
  • Spray paint or craft paint for body
  • Craft paints for details
  • Clear spray sealer with UV protection
  • Craft knife or other sharp knife
  • 8-9" plastic plate
  • E6000® Permanent Craft Adhesive or other strong glue
  • Eye bolt with nut and washer or nylon string for hanging
  • Drill and bit for making hole in lid (not needed if using string)
  • "S" hook (optional)
After cleaning the container well I used some acetone to remove the label residue. Even those cute eyes are stuck on labels. Then a little light sanding just to help the paint stick.

I applied two coats of almond spray paint, letting each coat dry thoroughly. (I wanted something like a goldenrod color, but couldn't find any.) Note: Next time I would use craft paint here. Painting the details later with water base craft paint on top of the oil base spray paint doesn't stick as well.

Then I hand painted some cute details with craft paint and finally two coats of spray sealer with UV protection.

Cute so far but now to make it into a feeder. I cut a couple of holes near the bottom of the container with a craft knife.

I also cut two holes on the back side, one hole on each side of the bear's tail.
And glued a plate on the bottom with E6000® Permanent Craft Adhesive (available at most craft stores). I wanted a plastic plate that wouldn't extend much further than the outside of the container as this would make it too easy for the big Grackles to get all the food. A bigger plate would also collect more rain water. A plate between 8" - 9" would be perfect and I even found one almost the same color as the bear!

Last, a simple eye bolt with washer and nut in the lid for hanging. Drill a hole in the lid first. Later I added a large "S" hook making it easier to remove from the hanger. Note: you could also wrap a nylon string around the top of the bear, just under the rim, with a piece coming up both sides for hanging.

Last was to fill with bird seed using the twist off lid, hang outside, and enjoy watching my backyard birds.

I tried so hard to get a picture of birds enjoying this feeder but every time I came out with the camera they flew away. The cardinals are especially enjoying the black oil sunflower seeds.

I would love to see your pictures or comments if you decide to make one!

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