DIY Clothespin Command™ Hook (Problem Solved aka Hack)

A problem solved mini-post.

I guess I could call this a clothespin hack but I've begun to dislike the term "hack" and so I've decided to just call this a "problem solved" post. You see I had this problem, I had a calendar that I hung over an ugly fuse box, but the top corners of the calendar kept curling and falling forward. I wanted to keep the calendar there, it was a convenient spot and it helped hid the fuse box.

Notice its hung with a Command™ Hook? I love the way they don't leave a hole in the wall and can be easily moved. But I just didn't like the way this one looked here. Does anyone else have a stash of leftover Command™ Hooks and adhesive strips? I realized I could use the adhesives to attach more than hooks to the wall, I could even use them to attach clothespins!

I grabbed two weathered clothespins and began to personalize them. First I painted them blue and followed with a spray sealer. Then I used some scrap paper (left from another project) and decoupaged it to one side. Cute, right?

They could have been decorated in so many ways. I could have just painted them, or add some glitter, or maybe glue on some small beads or buttons. Endless ideas.

I stuck the adhesive strip to the wall, just as I would with a Command™ Hook, and then stuck the clothespin to the strip. Worked perfectly.

Now how would you use this idea? What else could you use your leftover Command™ hook adhesive strips for?

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  1. Too cute for words.Love this way you spruce the clothespin up. Thanks for sharing this DIY project.