EASY way to clean stove burners with ammonia

The one chore I used to hate worse than cleaning windows was cleaning the stove's burner grates. I would get out the steel wool, put on gloves, and after applying lots of elbow grease they would be clean. But not now! I saw this trick on Pinterest.com and decided to try it. See the results for yourself.

These were the "before" pictures. Quite a mess.

So here is what I did....I put the burner in a zip lock bag with 1/4 cup ammonia and left it overnight. The ammonia does not have to cover the grate, the fumes do the work! Next day just open the bag and rinse the grates. I did use a dishcloth to get some of the really bad stuff off but it just took some gentle rubbing. Even the bottoms were clean.

Here are the results!  Very nice.

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