How to Replace Mini Blind Slats

If you have dogs (or cats) you may have at least one set of blinds like this one. My little Sadie, an Italian Greyhound, got excited about something going on outside that she couldn't see and caused this damage.

Yes, many blinds are inexpensive, so why not just go buy more? Well, that is exactly what I was going to do, but then I was thinking that it just can't be very hard to fix the ones I have. So I dove in. After all, if I ruined them I wasn't out anything....

We had been lazy when hanging these and had not shortened them the way the directions tell you too. But that did give me plenty of undamaged slats at the bottom that I could use for replacements! Yeah!! Most blinds do come with one extra slat but if you have several slats to replace like I did, you will need to make sure there are some at the bottom that you can do without before beginning this.

This repair really is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Here is what I did...

First take the blinds down and lay on a flat surface. Make sure they are extended all the way down.

Locate the little caps on the bottom on the bottom piece and remove with a screwdriver.

You will see some string in there...that is the bottom of the "ladder". The part that moves the slats to open or closed positions. Pull that out.

You will also see a thicker cord, that is the main cord that raises and lowers your blinds. Pull it out and untie the knot.

Pull the cord out of the bottom piece and remove it from both sides of the ladder.

Remove the bottom slat(s) that you will use for replacements the same way.

Pull the main cord out of all the slats until you reach the damaged slats. Pull the cord out of the damaged slats and then stop.

Remove the damaged slats from the ladder.

Insert replacement slats and restring the main cord through them. Make sure the ladder is on the inside and the main cord runs outside of them. If you notice the slats at the top that have not been removed you will see what I mean.

This was the hardest part for me. Take one string from the ladder and push through the hole. Pull out on the other side with tweezers. Also push the main cord back though the same hole and tie the knot back so it won't pull back out. Stuff the ladder string back into the hole to hid and recap.

All done! Just hang them back up. Wasn't so bad, was it?

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  1. Thank you for this handy and useful document

  2. You are quite welcome. Glad you found it useful. :-)

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  4. Thanks! This was just the info I needed to fix a broken blind!