Spark Naturals Affiliate Program - Work at Home

Do you love Essential Oils as much as I do? Would you like to be able to share the benefits of essential oils with friends and family and earn money at the same time? Or would you like to be able to earn a little just to help you pay for your own essential oils?

Do I have a deal for you! ♥♥

Spark Naturals has an Affiliate Program that may be your answer. No up-front costs, no fees, no minimums, no auto-ship requirements, no p-r-e-s-s-u-r-e. This is not a MLM company.

Plus, you get your own discount code that family, friends, or really anyone can use to get a 10% discount on their purchase. This includes Essential Oils, Oil Blends, Spa Products, Accessories including books, diffusers, bottles and jars. And get can even use your own discount code. earn commission when someone uses your code to make a purchase.

I love to make money from home. I am semi-retired now and the extra $$ really helps. But, so many work at home deals want money up front and I'm just not comfortable with that. 

I have tried several brands of essential oils and one thing I have learned is that you MUST get high quality oils if you want the benefits. There are other places to get great oils, but Spark Naturals not only has the highest quality Therapeutic Grade products, they also have great prices. 

So its really a win win situation.

Your application will be processed quickly and you can start earning before you know it. There is one thing Spark Naturals will require and that is that you have already placed an order with them. They want to make sure you are already familiar with and using their products

If you need to place an order I would recommend you start with Spark Naturals Oil of the Month Club. This is the only item you can not use a discount code for but that is because it is already discounted. You will receive a 15 ml bottle of a featured oil each month for just $15.99 a month including shipping. And, you can cancel anytime.

Or, you can order anything that you already need or want to try and use my discount code ENJOY for your 10% discount. You may want to consider one of these
Once approved you will receive a personal link and a discount code (that you chose) that you can share with family and friends using Facebook, Pinterest, or a personal blog. Whenever anyone uses your Affliate Discount code, you earn a commission from each product ordered and anyone using your code will count as a referral.

If you're interested in joining me as a new Spark Naturals Affiliate please follow the link below.

CLICK HERE for more information!

CLICK HERE to sign up!

(You must put Jody Gillikin in the blank for "who referred you")

Make it a new day for YOU!

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