Essential Oils for Love! Aphrodisiac Properties of EO's

For centuries people have used flowers and distilled oils on the human libido. Jasmine, peppermint, lillies, and roses were used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs and Sumerians. Yes, all through history sweet smelling scents have been used to attract love. 

The word aphrodisiac is based on mythology from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. An aphrodisiac is a substance used to increase sexual desire or enjoyment. You can use oils in many ways to achieve perfumes, room scenting, bathing, on sheets and pillows in the bedroom, and of course in massage oils

Most aphrodisiac essential oils are warm and rich. But blends can be sort of tricky because what appeals to one person may be offensive to someone else. A natural aphrodisiac should work to calm, soothe, stimulate and reduce stress. 

For example, Ylang Ylang is used to calm anxiety and relieve nervous tension. It is also used for impotence and frigidity.  An ancient tradition in Indonesia is to place Ylang Ylang petals across the bed of newlyweds

Sandlewood has an earthy smell and is often used in men's colognes. It has antidepressant qualities and is also often used for its aphrodisiac effect.

Black Pepper warms the body and increases circulation. You may find it surprising that it is also an aphrodisiac. (be sure to dilute with carrier oil or lotion)

Marjoram has been used to help relax muscles and balance the mind, and has aphrodisiac properties.

So just how do Essential Oils raise libido?  Well, we all know how scents can affect human bodily processes and responses. This is why applying perfume or cologne is so popular. As a scent is inhaled it reaches our limbic system which is responsible for triggering emotional or behavioral responses. People have found that the aromatic qualities of  essential oils can produce a desirable effect.

Following are some blends you can use for massage, bath, or in a lotion. I suggest you relax and just go with it...

I found these blends at

Romantic Massage # 1
Cedarwood - 2 drops
Clary Sage - 2 drops
Orange - 1 drop
Vanilla 10% - 5 drops
Almond oil - 1 ounce

Romantic Massage # 2
Jasmine - 2 drops
Orange - 2 drops
Sandalwood - 2 drops
Ylang Ylang - 1 drop
Almond oil - 1 ounce 

With both these blends, give a slow loving massage.

In the mood for Love 
Rose - 2 drops
Sandalwood - 3 drops
Unscented Lotion 1 - 2 tablespoons. 
Apply on face, body and arms.

Romantic Encounter
Ylang Ylang - 2 drops
Jasmine - 2 drops
Bergamot - 2 drops
Unscented Lotion - 1 tablespoon
Mix all oils together then add to Lotion.
Let blend for a while then enjoy a massage.

Aphrodisiac Bath
Jasmine - 4 drops
Ginger - 4 drops
Neroli - 4 drops
Clary Sage - 6 drops
Black Pepper - 1 drop
Mix all oils in a cup (8 oz) of milk and add to a hot bath. are a few more to try

Aphrodisiac Blend (for a sexy massage oil)

Romantic Blend

Bath Blend (add to bath water)

You may want to consider this partial list of essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties. I suggest you experiment with them and see which ones are pleasing to you and then try using it alone on in a blend.

The most popular are:

Others to try are: 

Okay, now its up to you! Somehow try to arrange some alone time with your loved one and use your essential oils to calm, soothe, and help you set the mood. ♥♥♥

I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor or health care practitioner before using herbs, essential oils or other natural remedies.

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