Stitch Fix #1, My Personal Review

I kept seeing this thing called Stitch Fix on social media pages like Facebook. I just passed it over thinking it was just one more ad or endorsement I didn't need to see. But finally I decided to take a closer look and I liked what I saw.

Stitch Fix is a service that shops for you. I was skeptical, but after receiving just one shipment, I am very impressed. The first step was to go to their site and fill out some information. They wanted to know the basics like my sizes, but also asked questions about my style preferences. They even had pictures of several groups of clothing and asked what I thought of each group so my personal stylist could determine my likes and dislikes. Yes, I did say personal stylist, she picks out clothes for me. Wootwoot!

They do require a $20.00 payment upfront for their styling fee. But this is deducted from the total price of items you keep. Then they send five items for you to try and see if you like them. If you do then the $20.00 styling fee goes toward your purchase.

And, if you don't like something, for any reason, they make returning it very easy. In my shipment is a self-sealing, postage paid envelope. I just put anything I don't want to keep in the envelope and drop in the mail. Easy peasy. There is also a big discount if you keep all five items.

They also included little styling cards with each item that suggest ways to wear everything. Great for the fashioned challenged like me.

I was surprised that this order didn't contain any accessory items like scarves or jewelry, but I'd actually rather have main clothing pieces right now anyway. And I'm sure future orders will have more of those.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is what I got and my thoughts on each! Remember, these items were sent to me based on my style preferences so yours will be different. I'm curvy, a bit overweight, short, and like clothes that cover.

A picture of the box...just because.

My first peak at the contents! I got excited when I saw the cute patterns!

This is the Uruguay Pintuck Detail Top. I love everything about it. I asked for lightweight clothing since it rarely gets cold where I live. This has 3/4 sleeves and a really cute print. The pintuck detail is nicely done. I think this will look great with jeans. Price after discount is $32.90. Verdict: Keep

This piece is the Renoir Kimono in a black and white chevron print. I wasn't sure about this until I put it on...very cute. Will look great with a red top, black leggings, and maybe red flats. Price after discounts was $30.15. Verdict: Keep

I am pairing this with a red top I already have.
Next is the Porter Legging. I didn't take pictures because, well, they're leggings. lol  They are a good quality, nice wide waist band and look well made. The fabric is a nice thickness, enough to...well you know...look nice and not show lots of stuff. They fit well and will look great with several of these new tops! Cost after discounts was $26.04. Verdict: Keep

Now the Goldie Split Neck Blouse in Burgundy. I don't know why I couldn't get a good focus on this top, and I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. It came with a black camisole with adjustable straps worn underneath. It is a fairly sheer fabric with a bit of gold glitter. Delightfully cute! Again, will be great with jeans or leggings. Price after discounts was $30.16. Verdict: Keep

And last is the Avah Ikat Dolman Print Top. Again, I just love it. Its a knit top in a blue, black, and white geo pattern and 3/4 sleeves. The front plunge was a bit low for me and showed more than I like but I'm going to wear a camisole underneath so all will be fine. Looking forward to wearing with a nice necklace and black leggings. Price after discounts was $39.75. Verdict: Keep

I also thought you might like to see a couple of the styling cards....

And finally, the invoice. Remember the prices shown are before discounts which equal about 31.5% off the price of each piece. Part of this discount was $53.00 for keeping all 5 items.

My review in short...I love it. I really did not expect to keep all five items and I honesty think that rarely happens, especially with the first order when the stylist is trying to get a feel for what you like. The clothing is well made but a bit high priced for me without the discounts. But with the discounts I think the prices are fine. I am already excited to receive my next order.

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? My feeling was that I had nothing to loose except maybe the $20.00 styling fee, but that's up to you. If you do want to give it a go, just click on this link to start now!!

I always welcome your comments and questions!

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