Stitch Fix #2 Review

I was a bit apprehensive about getting my second Stitch Fix. I had loved everything in my first shipment so I was thinking my second box would surely contain items I would just hate. But I was wrong...

I opened the box and right away saw patterns I loved. As I unfolded each item I was amazed that each one was something I probably would not have considered for myself in a store, and yet I liked them. For example, the black skinny jeans, I would never have had the nerve to try skinny jeans. But once I tried them on I saw that they were actually more flattering than regular jeans on me when worn with the cute longer tops they were sending.

My stylist had actually heard me! I had asked for lightweight clothing and that's what I got. I told her I had a very curvy figure (and a bit overweight) and she picked flattering styles for me. I told her I mainly wanted stuff to wear out with the girls or maybe to a casual dinner with my husband, and she delivered beautifully.

The Marty Embroidered Yolk Blouse is very pretty. It is made from a very sheer fabric but I received a black camisole with one of my blouses in my last shipment that will look great under it. Price $48.00 less 25% $28.00. Verdict kept.

Samson Corduroy Detail Quilted Coat. I didn't much care for this at first, but then I noticed the cute cut and details, and the lining...and then I tried it on. It was lightweight but cozy, and I really liked it but I had trouble closing it in front, it was a little tight. Also I wondered how that cute lining would look when worn over a patterned top. Hummm  Price $88.00 After 25% discount $66.00. Verdict returned.

Pulls across the back.

Doesn't close on me well

Cute lining

Dustin Graphic Chevron Print Knit Back Top. I normally avoid sleeveless tops as I'm a little self-conscious about my upper arms. But I loved the design and the colors so much I decided to try it on and it fit fine. Price $54.00 After 25% discount $40.50. Verdict kept.

Sorry for the fuzzy focus.

Tucker Mixed Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse. This is definitely not a top I would have considered if I saw it on a store rack. The bold colors I just didn't think were me. But it began to grow on me and I could picture it in the summer with pair of white jeans. The dark jeans look great with it too. I wanted to keep this one, until I saw the picture of it from the back! lol Price $48.00 After 25% discount $36.00. Verdict returned.

Not attractive from the back.
Maybe too much from the front too!

Jacob Skinny Jeans. These jeans are so soft and seem well made. They are very comfortable and would look great with all of the tops I got in this shipment. I didn't take separate pictures of them but I have them on in most of the pictures above. I liked the way the fit except they were too long. I usually get short or petite in pants. Price $78.00 Price after 25% discount $58.50.  Verdict returned but with a note that I would love them in a petite size.

Bottom line. I loved everything, but everything didn't fit well so I ended up keeping two tops this time around. I'm so glad the items I didn't keep are so easy to return and after my credit for my 20.00 styling fee (and I had some referral credits), I came out pretty good! Can't wait for my next fix!!


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