Stitch Fix #6 With Review

I get so excited when I see my "Fix" has arrived. I can hardly wait to get that first peek and then to try everything on. This is my 6th shipment from Stitch Fix and I am still hooked. Not that every fix is a home run, I don't expect all of them to be a 5/5 (5 out of 5 items kept). But I have received some great things and I want to keep them coming!

Not familiar with Stitch Fix? Well, quite simply its a service that provides you with a personal stylist who will hand pick five items to send you based on your preferences. You tell them beforehand what you like and what you don't like. You also let them know a little bit about yourself like your sizes and clothing needs.There is a $20.00 styling fee that is applied to items you keep. Returning items couldn't be easier. They provide a postage paid, pre-addressed envelope for your returns and you are not charged until you pick what you want to keep. You get to try on the items in your own home with your own shoes and accessories. You even get to pick how often you want your fixes to come. Interested in trying it out? Just click here.

Take a look at this note from my stylist. Thira was right on and had obviously taken time to find items I would like.

There is one thing I want to bring up here. I am not "young" (in years anyway), and I am not skinny. I am 65 years old and I wear a larger size. I just want to bring that up because I think many women like me have given up on looking stylish. With Stitch Fix I can try things on at home and try things that may be a bit out of my comfort zone. I am not beyond asking for styling help and honest opinions from friends and my wardrobe is not only is now full of stuff I actually WANT to wear!

These are the items I received in this fix
PAPERMOON #7296-528
Remmie Printed Maxi Skirt
 $58.00,  With Discount $43.50

This skirt is a great length for my petite frame and flows nicely. I don't have anything with these colors either. 

Verdict: Keep

SKIES ARE BLUE #7815-384

Donnell Scoop Neck Blouse

$44.00  With Discount $33.00

I love the colors in this blouse. It's light and airy and easy to wear with jeans, shorts, or capris.

But as much as I love it I need tops that are a bit longer to help hid my hips and backside.

Verdict: Return

Wearing with the Mira Skinny Jeans i received in my last fix.

MARGARET M #7121-654

Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant

$98.With Discount $73.50

These pants were totally out of my comfort zone and price point but I tried them on anyway. I wish they had fit because I think they would have been some of my favorite pants. But, they were just too small.

Verdict: Returned


Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse

$54.00     $40.50

Love everything about the blouse. It's light and flowy and a beautiful color. It was just a tad snug across the bust but I loved it anyway.

Verdict: Keep

PAPERMOON #7447-798

Helene Dress

$74.00     $55.50

This dress is totally adorable. I really wish it had fit better, but as you can see it was way too small. 

Verdict: Returned

Yikes! Way too small. 


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