Stitch Fix #5 With Review

This is my 5th fix with Stitch Fix and I still get so excited when I see that box on my doorstep. That famous box is part of the Fix experience. That's why you see so many users posting a picture of their's exciting. Ahhh, the anticipation, the hope of a good fix, maybe even getting that one perfect piece that will be your all time favorite. ♥  The picture above is the next step of the experience. That first peak, that glimpse of color and pattern. You want to hurry and get the kids off for a nap or whatever you have to do so you can start trying things on.

My first fix was a 5/5. Meaning I kept all 5 items that were selected for me. Now that is a good fix. But actually a 3/5 or 2/5 is much more realistic. I have even had one where I only kept one item and later sold that. The fun for me is just having someone else pick out pieces they think I would like, things that fit my body style and clothing styles I have already outlined. (You pick out your style preferences on your SF profile so your stylist knows what you like and don't like). I like tying on clothing that may even be a bit out of my comfort zone because sometimes I end up loving it. Also, its so nice trying on clothing in my own home, trying it with my own accessories and other clothing items.

Another part of the fix experience is the style card. Stitch Fix includes one for each clothing item they send you. The style card shows you a couple of different ways you can wear the item, including what accessories to use. I have included a picture of the style card with each item I got for this review.

This is another part of the experience...the Stylist Note. Some stylists provide better notes than others. I love when a stylist tells me they have looked at my pinterest board to see what I like. In the note below Thira has noticed that I need either petite pants or pants that tend to run a bit short. She also noticed that I prefer high rise jeans and that I like flowy tops with a bit of coverage. She didn't mention this in the note, but I chose the lowest price point for all items, and I can see by the items she chose that she honored that.
The Stylist Note

So here are the five pieces I got with this fix

LAILA JAYDE #7366-509  Stratford Knit Top  $48.00  With discount $36.00

This top is so soft and versatile. I like the side tie detail.

Verdict:  Keep

Close up of pattern

Side tie detail

BASH #7373-784  Loreto Crew Neck Blouse  $38.00   With discount $28.50

I so wanted this to look good on me. And it did look okay from the front! lol But alas, it was just a bit too snug around the hips and I couldn't pull it down properly. It really is an adorable top though.

Verdict: Kept to get this discount but sold to another Stitch Fixer.

Sleeve detail

Wouldn't pull down over my hips....

PIXLEY #7142-586   Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top  $58.00  With discount  $43.50

I love this top! Its soft and I like the way it fits. Love the back cross detail too.

Verdict: Keep

Front detail
back detail

Is the necklace too much?
So I've been sweetly told that the necklace is a bit too much. I was afraid of that. I'll find a long chain type pendant or something that will look better with it. I do appreciate advice!! I am so fashioned challenged.
back detail

FUN2FUN #7377-850  Clemon Roll Tab Top  $44.00   With discount $33.00

Another winner. Love the pattern and the fit. Very soft and flowy. The roll tab sleeves are just a tad too long on me but I would probably never wear them down anyway. The only problem is that I have a shirt that's sort of similar that I got in a previous fix. Hummm, well I do like it. haha

Verdict: Keep

back button closure

LIVERPOOL #7123-627  Mira Skinny Jean  $78.00  with discount  $58.50

I really like these jeans. Nice waistband is perfect with flowy tops. But I think its a bit too long. What do you think? Notice in the pics how it gathers up over my feet?? Humm

Okay, it has been recommended to me that I might want to roll them up. Good idea, they may be keepers after all.

Verdict: Keep

front detail
back detail

See how they gather up around the ankles and knees?

The invoice

Final thoughts. I kept all 5 items so technically it was a 5/5 even though I sold one item. Already looking forward to my next fix!


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