Stitch Fix #7 Complete Review

I thought for sure the excitement of seeing that Stitch Fix box on my door step would have faded by now, but it hasn't! I still love seeing that box and can't wait to get that first peak of what's been chosen for me to try.

Not familiar with Stitch Fix? It's very simple. You fill out an on-line profile explaining your likes and dislikes, pay a $20.00 styling fee, and let your personal stylist do the rest. You choose how often you get shipments and you don't pay anything until you decide what to keep. You can choose to receive accessories too if you like. They have jewelry, bags, and scarves. You have three days to try everything on in your own home with your own accessories. Returning what you don't keep is easy, just put the items you are returning in the return bag that is provided with your order and drop in the mail. You pay no postage to receive or to return! And, the $20.00 stylist fee will be credited toward whatever you keep in that shipment. Plus, you get a $25.00 credit every time a friend decides to give Stitch Fix a try (must use your link). How sweet is that? Want to give it a try? Just click here to get started.

After the first peak I love to read the stylist note. This time I requested some dresses that could be worn on a cruise and Thira, my stylist, delivered.

So this is what I received in my fix, the good and the bad. What worked...what didn't, and why.


Moray Crochet Panel Top

$68.00,  $51.00 with discount

This is one of my favorite tops ever. So cute and love the crochet panel. The print is really cute too. Unfortunately it was too tight around my hips and just wouldn't pull down correctly. I was sure it would be riding up around my waist every time I wore it. Would love to get this in a larger size or better yet, maybe lose some weight and get it again!

Verdict: Returned

LEVEL 99 #9381-227

Giovanni Straight Leg Jean

$98.00,  $73.50 with discount

Again, I loved these jeans! So soft and comfy...if they had fit. They were way too tight on me though. I could just barely get them zipped up and they had a lower rise than I like so all sorts of stuff was spilling out. lol  Too bad too because these were a petite size and the length was perfect for my short frame.

Verdict: Returned

Uggg, way too tight.


Kristoph Dress

$68.00,  $51.00 with discount

Loved this dress too! Comfy soft and flowy this dress would be easy to pack and wear anywhere. I really like it paired with a little sleeveless denim jacket.

Verdict: Kept


Sofia Leaf Print Dress

$88.00,  $66.00 with discount  

I loved the color and style of this dress but as you can see...way too small! I think it must run small because other dresses in this size fit me. It was also a petite which I usually need but it was way too short as well. Anyway, the navy and tan leaf print and style was adorable.

Verdict: Returned

How many people would be brave enough to share this?
Haha, way too small and too short!

LONDON TIMES #8225-010

Omari Crochet Neck Dress

$88.00,  $66.00 with discount

I had asked for a dress to wear to the formal dinner on a cruise and Thira came though with this beautiful dress. The color is stunning  but I didn't think the style flattered me. The crochet detail is beautiful and I did like the high / low hemline.

Verdict: Returned

And finally, here is the actual invoice. Oops, cut off the total after discount which was $282.50. Would have been a good price if I had kept everything.

So it was a 1/5. Not the best fix but I did love everything, there were just some fit issues. After the credit for my styling fee and a referral credit I had, the dress I kept just cost me $23.00. Not bad, not bad at all.


If you’re curious about Stitch Fix and want to try the service for yourself, sign up today and complete a FREE style profile. It’s free to sign up. Then, when you are ready, you can schedule your first fix. For only $20, you will be matched with a personal stylist that will select five items she thinks will be PERFECT for you and ship them directly to your door. Try everything on, keep the items you want, and return everything else. The best part is that your $20 styling fee will be deducted from the price of your clothes and if you decide to keep everything in your fix, you automatically save 25% on your entire order. I receive a small commission each time someone signs up using my referral link (which I use to offset the costs of the blog) so I would greatly appreciate it if you signed up using my link. If you have already signed up with my link, thank you!

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