Prissy, last days :-(


She spends most of her time like this now, sleeping and dreaming unknown dreams of chasing rabbits maybe. She has been such a great little dog.

We got her almost 13 years ago. We already had a beagle named Buster and felt he needed a companion. Less than a year later we would lose him when he was hit by a car. It happened one stormy night when somehow a gate came open. During a break in the weather we let the dogs out not realizing the gate was not latched. Both dogs got out and Buster was killed almost instantly when a car hit him. My husband had been looking for them and had spotted them just as Buster got hit. I'll never forget him carrying Buster home in the rain and burying him in our back yard. Prissy ran home on her own and never tried to leave our yard again.

Barclay & Prissy Nov 2002
We thought she would grieve herself to death. She waited by the back door, often sleeping there. She didn't eat. So we got her a puppy, another male Beagle named Barkley. And she started to perk up. She loved the puppy and began to mother him. She did the same with the Italian Greyhound puppy we brought home three years later.

She was diagnosed with Cushings Disease two years ago and did great on the meds. But now she is loosing too much weight and is anemic. Our vet suspects some sort of cancer but given her age and other health problems its no use putting her through lots of tests to find out as we probably still couldn't treat it. She had two blood tests yesterday.
Prissy & Barclay June 2003

It looks like the end is getting close for her. She is often cold and is coaxed into eating with people food. We keep her as comfortable as we can. She rarely makes it outside in time to go.

She has been a good dog and I think she has had a good life with us.

Lots of love to you, our Prissy Dog

Addition: Prissy kept getting weaker. She would eat a little food just to vomit it up later. She began having mini seizures and had a hard time breathing.

Prissy passed away the morning of Aug. 29, 2012.



  1. Oh my, I am so sorry. It is really hard during a beloved pet's last days. Soak up every minute with her. Hugs & prayers to your family & Prissy.

  2. Thank you so much Amy. I so appreiciate your hugs and prayers.

  3. My dog got ran over two days ago and I'm so heartbroken i don't know what to do. He was i family member and like my son, we have a baby on the way and talked everyday about how he was going to be a protector and loving babysitter. He was loved by everyone, we rescued him from abuse and neglect and loved him so much. I'm sorry for your loss and know what your going through. I haven't had the heart to let go of his tags yet they stay with me all the time,i don't know why I'm posting this just felt the need to share my story. Good thoughts your way.

    1. So sorry for your loss. It is amazing how much we love our little pets and how much we miss them. Thanks so much for sharing. ♥♥

  4. My dog got ran over two days ago and i have never felt so much heartbreak, he was family and i treated him like a son. His name was Willie and he was a brown and white schnauzer, we are expecting a baby and talked everyday about how he was going to be the dog our baby grew up knowing and loving like we did. I'm so sorry for your loss and know what your going through, i miss him so much.