Saved Hibiscus

I was going into the grocery store a few weeks ago for a couple of items and noticed a bunch of hibiscus in really bad shape. The store had separated them from the other flowers they had for sale but they had no clearance signs or anything on them. It looked like they were about to throw them away.

I went inside and asked someone, who had to ask someone else, who had to ask someone know how it goes. Finally someone said I could buy them for like $1.50 each. I said, "I'll take all of them".
There were seven in all. I so wish I had taken some "before" pictures, but I didn't. They were almost dead. I brought them home and watered them immediately. Then I trimmed off the dead branches and waited. They flourished!  Finally I saw little buds starting to appear and today they started blooming.

They are the Luna variety which is supposed to be a hardy first Year-Flowering Perennial. I didn't want to plant them until I saw what colors I had so I wanted to wait for them to bloom.
I read that the Luna series produces big, bushy, well-branched plants without pinching. They are supposed to be ideal for large containers or they can also be planted in the ground as a perennial. They are heat-loving plants that not only tolerate moist soil conditions, but are also drought tolerant once established in the garden.

Now that they are blooming I can't wait to select a place to plant them.

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