Southern Sweet Tea in the Microwave

As long as I can remember I made southern style sweet tea the same way. I put tea bags in a small pan with water, brought to a boil and then took off heat to steep. Then added that to a pitcher with sugar and more water. Sweet tea is an everyday staple in our house. My Mom made it with loose tea. Same method but she had to strain it.

A couple of times I made "Sun Tea" as it was all the rage some 30 years ago or so. That was made by setting a glass jar with tea bags and water in it in the sun until it had steeped enough to make the tea.

For the last few years though I have made it in the microwave. Many of you probably make it this way too, but I thought I would share just in case...

What's that in the background??? Why is my Camp Wonder Gardner's Moisture! Love that stuff.

Here's how I make sweet tea:

  • Put 3 family style tea bags in a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup
  • Microwave on high for 4 1/2 minutes
  • Let bags steep in the hot water for a few minutes
  • Put about 1 cup sugar in a pitcher that will hold 12 cups of tea.
  • Add the steeped tea and enough water to fill the pitcher
  • Refrigerate

Serve over ice and with lemon if you like.

Please note! Never pour hot tea into a glass pitcher as it could break. I made this tea in a plastic pitcher and then transfered to the glass one.


  1. Thanks, Jody, for posting. I have not made Southern Ice Tea in years because mine never turned out like my mom's, so, I gave up. I will certainly try this.

    1. We love our sweet tea around here Jessica. Hope you enjoy it! ♥