Going to the gym!

I'm not a big fan of exercise in general. Treadmills (aka dreadmill), ellipticals, stair climbers....ugh & double ugh. The word boring doesn't even begin to describe it.

But i'm getting up there a bit in age...63 in fact. And its no longer about looking better, its about not having to take blood pressure meds, and keeping blood sugar levels under control. Its about keeping bones strong and fighting osteoporosis, keeping my heart strong, and my joints moving.

Exercising at home has not worked very well for me. It seems as soon as I get started one of our dogs decides they have to got outside, or I decide to just stop long enough to put wet clothes in the dryer. But when I go to the gym I am on a mission. Once I'm there my entire time is spent doing what I need to do. Plus, there's one just 10 minutes away with a reasonable membership fee.

But its the going...the getting there...right?

I'm writing this now because I really need to get my workout back on track. After being out for a few months with back problems and physical therapy I'm finding it very difficult to get back into it. And now I need it even more. It seems my osteoporosis has reeked some havoc with my spine and I have a few collapsed disks. (There was also a dislocated rib but that's another story). The collapsed disks are causing me to get that old woman hunchback look which I really dislike. So I need to strengthen my upper back and my core to improve my posture.

One workout I really do enjoy is Zumba, so I plan to use that to get me back into the gym. It's great for burning calories, I have actually burned over 700 calories in one hour! Can't do that on a dreadmill, lol. It's also great for all over toning, and I actually ENJOY it! I love dancing and I learned quickly that no one cares if your doing the moves just like the instructor or if your dancing style is a bit different. It doesn't matter, you just keep moving. So anyway, since I enjoy it I plan to go to at least 3 classes a week.

So there's my cardio but I still need strength training. On the days I don't have a Zumba class I still need to get my behind to the gym to work with weights (weight machines and free weights). I'm hoping that getting back to Zumba classes will motivate me but I have one other trick up my sleeve just in case. I love gadgets and I want a Fitbit. If you don't know what that is its enough just to know that its a gadget that you wear all the time that helps track fitness. No big deal and totally not a necessity but I would find it fun just figuring it out and using it. So I can make a deal with myself to reward my efforts with a Fitbit if I go to the gym regularly. Four weeks with 3 cardio and 2 weight sessions each week.

So there it is....my plan to get back to the gym. At least I have a plan right? Wish me luck and send some good wishes my way!

That's not me, lol, and neither is the first picture.

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