DIY Quick Drip Pan for Hanging Plants

Okay, here's a Sunday afternoon quick-post. I have this Boston Fern that I rescued a couple of days ago. Someone had thrown it out and well, I just felt the need to save it. lol  I watered it well and hung it on my porch. The next time I watered it the water just went straight through and out the holes in the bottom of the pot. No drip pan..., many hanging plants come without them now and its such a pain. You water and water and it just runs right out the bottom.

I have purchased those plastic drip pan thingys you can attach to the pot but didn't care for them. Besides, it sure wasn't worth a trip to the store just to try to find one. This is a trick I have used in the past and it works quite well.

All you need is

  • An aluminium pie pie, the deeper ones work best but any will do. It also needs to be wide enough for the bottom of the pot to fit into. 
  • 3 pieces of wire long enough to reach from the bottom of the pot to the top of the pot plus a few inches or long enough to reach the plant hanger hook.
  • Something to cut holes in the aluminium with. I just used the tip of a knife.

First you want to cut 3 evenly spaces holes in the sides of the pan. Cut them towards the top edge.

Now stick one end of one piece of wire though and twist to secure.

Do that two more times.

Place your plant in the pan pulling out any branches that may get tucked underneath. Now pull each wire up and either secure around the hangers that came with the plant (at the top edge of the pot) or pull all the way up to the hook itself and secure them there. Since this plant was dense I secured them to the hook.

That's it. Now just hang your plant back up and water. The tray will catch enough water to make sure some will actually stay in the plant. Makes for less mess when watering too.

Okay, its not gorgeous, but it works!

Remember this is a rescue plant, hence all the dead foliage.

You can barely see it unless you stand right under the plant.

Hope you find this little trick helpful, enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Great idea, worked perfectly! Thank you:)

  2. Great idea, worked perfectly! Thank you:)

    1. Thanks you Bogey, sometimes the simplest things just work the best! Thanks for your nice comments.