The Easy Way To Clean Stove Burner Grates (Or Drip Pans)

Sometimes I hate showing you my before pictures. I would like to say that the picture below is the result of cooking a great Easter Dinner (BTW, it was good. lol) but alas, its just the result of a lot of cooking and a great ability to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning.

Although this post is about cleaning stove burner grates on gas stoves I've read it works great on the drip pans under electric burners as well!

This is actually a sort of re-written post. I love this so much I had to post it again, but you can see the original post here.

If you have ever attacked this kind of burnt on gunk you know it usually takes a LOT of hard scrubbing to remove, even with a steel wool pad.

But I have a better way! Here's is what I do.

The night before you just place the burner grate in a zip lock type bag and here's the magic...just add about 1/4 cup ammonia. You don't have to cover the grate with ammonia because its really the fumes that do the work for you. The next day remove the grates from the bags and clean with a dish rag or sponge. You may still need to use a steel wool pad on some of the worst burned on spots but you should find that most of it comes off really easy! You will find that you will need a fraction of the usual scrubbing muscle and time. WooHoo. I love making this awful job easier.


Even the bottoms come clean.

I still had to clean the stove top under the grates but the grates are the hard part for me. Looks pretty good now, right? Now its time to cook again...oh well.

Any questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!

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