MagicBullet NutriBullet, An Unbiased Review

One of my favorite breakfast meals is a smoothie aka NutriBlast made with my MagicBullet NutriBullet. I got mine six months ago and have been using it faithfully ever sense. Let me state, before I go any further, that I am not being compensated for this post, in other words, it is not a sponsored post. It is just a product I enjoy and I wanted to share with you.

I like the idea of starting out my day with a green smoothie. I am getting many nutrients that I may fail to get the rest of the day, from the healthy greens, the different fruits, and the extras that I add in for even more umph (or is it oomph?). Sometimes I also add other veggies like broccoli or carrots. The great thing is that I can add whatever I want or whatever I have on hand. And its all in a convenient cup that I can take with me if I need to.

I purchased mine from Bed Bath & Beyond for $89.99 before a 20% discount, bringing the price to $71.99. I looked at the one being advertised on TV, supposed to be a buy one get one free deal, but after the shipping and handling fee (an extra $39.90) plus $119.94 for the products (Total of $154.84) they still ended up at  $79.92 each. Hummm, no thanks. I purchased a blue one, but it also comes in green and red.

My NutriBullet came with a recipe book, a pocket guide, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, a milling blade, an extractor blade, and some tops and rings.

I looked at the recipe book just enough to figure out how to make a basic "NutriBlast" and I was off! I have never used the recipe book for anything else, however it does have some delicious sounding recipes and lots of helpful advice that I really should go back and check out again. But, really I just use what I have. I do try to add foods that help with inflammation like ginger root or turmeric root (watch out they can have a very strong flavor, especially the turmeric), berries, or pineapple.

If you don't like green smoothies this mixer/blender will make a great fruit smoothie too. You can also use coconut water or other liquid instead of water.

Here is what I do....

Fill the tall cup about half way with an organic dark leafy green like kale or baby spinach.

Add some frozen or fresh fruit. Whatever I have on hand at the time. I do try to mix it up.

A also freeze bananas if they start to get too ripe.
I like to add a few extras. Usually I add 2 tablespoons chia seeds, a small piece of ginger or turmeric root, some maca powder, and sometimes protein powder. Add water almost to the maximum fill line, and blend away. It only takes a couple of minutes for everything to be pulverized, including the greens. And it tastes great.

I like the idea of consuming the whole food, not just the juice like when you use a juicer. I wanted to get all the fiber and all the nutrients!

Chia Seeds and Turmeric Root
One thing that started to become a problem for me was keeping fresh greens to use. Often they would start to go bad before I could use them all. But, I found a solution. I put a big handful of greens in my tall cup with just a little water and processed it. Then I added more greens and processed again. I kept adding greens until the entire package was in my tall cup blended with water. Then I poured it into ice cube trays, froze them, and dumped them into a large freezer bag. Now I just add a couple of cubes of the concentrated greens to my smoothie and continue as usual. I don't have to worry about them going bad and I can keep a variety of greens ready to use.

But all has not been perfect! I did have one problem with my NutriBullet. When I first started using it, it would leak sometimes, a real mess! I would screw the bottom on as tight as I could and it would still leak. It became very frustrating. Then I started to think that maybe the chia seeds or other matter was getting under the gasket so I took it out and cleaned it. leaking. Now I just make sure I keep the gasket and area under the gasket clean and I have no problem. My step-daughter was visiting and began to start her day with a NutriBlast too so when she got home one of the first things she did was buy one. Soon she told us she was also having a problem with leaking. I told her what had worked for me, she tried that, and now she has no problems with it either. unbiased opinion? I obviously really like it and if you enjoy smoothies, especially green smoothies, I think you will too.

I hope you enjoyed this review and would love to hear your comments or questions! ♥

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