My Thoughts on Getting Old(er)

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I don't usually write this sort of post, but here goes... I'm getting older, 64, and while there are some things I like, like retirement, there are also a lot of things I don't. (Did I hear a duh?) So many people seem to fixate on a certain age, or seem so concerned about every new wrinkle. Have we really become a society that loathes aging so much? We know we can't actually stay young forever but for some reason many are just obsessed with looking young, no matter their age. Now don't get me wrong, I would love to look as young as possible for as long as possible but its not an obsession, not something I stay awake at night worrying about.

Let's just face it, the years continue to go by, and aging is a natural part of life, so why not just go with the flow? Do what we can to look good and be healthy, but laugh off the things we can't do anything about. There are some good things about getting older, its not all bad.  So much is about attitude. The expression on a person's face does more to improve their appearance than any cream. A soft expression with a smile looks so much nicer than a scowl. Here are my top 10 complaints about getting old(er) and just to keep balance, top 10 things I like about it.  These are not in any particular order.

  1. My body is not the same, not that it was ever all that great but now my shape is definitely changing. My middle is rounder, body parts sag more. 
  2. My metabolism seems to have slowed a lot. It takes a lot more effort to get pounds off and I find I want to "stop" a lot.
  3. Hair seems to have taken on its own life. The grey hairs on my head have a completely different texture. They like to sort of stand out from the rest as if saying, "look at me". Also my eyebrows are thinner and have a few hairs that want to grow longer and thicker than the rest. I'm diligent to keep those plucked. Oh, and then there's a couple of rogue hairs that grow where noticeable hair hasn't grown before! Yikes, I mean really?
  4. Arthritis is a real concern and trips for shoulder, knee, and now hip cortisone injections have become normal.
  5. My skin is dryer and it takes more care than before. I'm seeing wrinkles and some facial sagging.
  6. I am getting a few varicose veins on the back of one leg. (Working on an essential oil experiment for that!)
  7. My brain works a little bit slower.
  8. Some people tend to assume I'm techno challenged, just because of my age.
  9. Applying make up is more of a challenge. Getting eyeliner applied on eyelids that are no longer taught and trying to make sure I don't overdo it. 
  10. Getting older means those around me are getting older too. My Mom just turned 88, my Dad died over 8 years ago, many of my friends have passed away.
But there are few perks to getting older...
  1. I have retired, not retired with lots of money, but retired.
  2. I can get little discounts at restaurants and other places
  3. I have mellowed a bit, and have learned not to sweat the small stuff. In fact, I don't really sweat the big stuff either.
  4. I have learned to be grateful for the health and body I have. Gratitude is a wonderful thing.
  5. Because I have retired I now have time to enjoy hobbies, to try new things, blog.
  6. I have found humor in aging. Sometimes its down right hilarious.
  7. Even though my thought process is a little slower its also more relaxed and scattered thoughts are less of a problem.
  8. I am not afraid to dress for comfort. I still try to look nice, but very rarely wear a high heel shoe. I prefer tops that are long enough to hide some flaws rather than wearing uncomfortable undergarments to squeeze everything in.
  9. My attitude has changed for the better. Its no longer so important to be right, I'm less judgmental of others, and find very few things important enough to argue about.
  10. Getting older diffidently beats the alternative!

My advice. Stay as active as possible, spend time with friends and family, work on developing a more positive outlook. Also, notice what you talk about. Does most of your conversation involve aches and pains, pills and medicines, "Gloom, Despair, and Misery on Me" (remember that song from Hee Haw)? Or do you talk about your grandchildren, hobbies, books or movies? I believe happier people talk more about the latter. I have also noticed they spend more time asking how and what the other person is doing instead of trying to make sure they get in information about their own problems.

There is one more subject I dare to mention. Sex. Yes, I'm going there. I'm still sexually active, in fact I'm more relaxed about it now than when I was younger so I dare say it may even be better. There are some things we just find ourselves laughing about, after all sex and old people can be very funny. If you are married and both of you are still physically able, I urge you to not let this part of your life fall by the wayside.

Okay....there's my thoughts. I would love to hear from you. Let me know if you enjoyed this post, or even if you didn't. ♥
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  1. I'm 61 and I second most of what you say. What is frightening to me is how my balance seems to be getting worse. I fell twice last year. I fell again over the weekend. Ironically, two of the three falls were while exercise walking (bad ankle). My husband's final living aunt (102 years old) fell and broke her hip two weeks ago - in an instant went from living independently to being in a nursing home. The anti-falling programs in my area meet during "work hours" (I still work full time). Falling has become a real concern for me.

    1. I understand how you feel Bookworm. My sense of balance has declined as well and I have to be extra careful in the shower. It is ironic that two of your falls were while exercising, But it sounds like you still stay active so kudos to you for that! I have never heard of the anti-falling programs, sounds like a wonderful thing. Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. This is a beautiful post. I am scared of getting older and at the big 3 O right now but I am scared. Your post made me feel better and inspires me to write even when I get old(er).
    Have a look at what I wrote this July -

    Parul :)

    1. I did read your post and enjoyed it. You have a good attitude about aging and when you hit that big 60 mark I'm sure your will do great!